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We show you exactly where & how to start posting ads on high-traffic websites (FOR FREE) and how to create content for social media to drive tons of traffic to your automated system.

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Once you're setup and your sales system starts working, you'll have the ability to earn on autopilot inside of your online business.

A Step-By-Step Program

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How Does It Work?

Introducing Digital Growth Community… The best online business community that has a step-by-step process for making automated daily pay, that creates a life-changing income.

This includes video trainings and LIVE interactive mentoring zooms teaching you digital marketing techniques that can turn into 6 and 7-figures online.

We give you proven marketing techniques to start marketing online for FREE.

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This Is where The Legacy Builders Program Comes In!

Automate your entire online business and content creation for making sales as passively as possible with this step-by-step blueprint!

The Legacy Builders Program

Everything you need to create a successful digital online business and leave a legacy for your family!

Unlock a Comprehensive Launch Kit: Take the fast track to profitability with our complete launch kit designed to expedite your journey to success.

Simplified Automation for Everyone: Discover how to EFFORTLESSLY automate your online business, getting it up and running within just 24 hours.

Rapid Brand Development: ACCELERATE your brand-building process and start generating daily income sooner than you ever thought possible.

Your Website & Automated System Ready to Go: Gain INSTANT ACCESS to your pre-built website and automated system for an unbeatable price of just $29.

Secure Your Recurring Income Stream: Just as bills recur, why not your income? Learn how to establish a PROVEN income revenue stream .

Expand Your Email List to 6 or 7 Figures: Uncover the strategies to EXPONENTIALLY grow your email list, paving the way for significant online success.

Master the Art of Building a Faceless Brand: Learn how to create a faceless brand and marketing campaign, all without ever needing to appear on video.

Effortlessly Attract Customers: Utilize our Discovery Method to draw CUSTOMERS to your online business, eliminating the need for customer searches.

Monetize Your Social Media Platforms: Learn the art of effectively MONETIZING your social media presence, turning your followers into loyal customers.

The Legacy Builders Program

What You'll Get If You Join

Check out the incredible modules you'll find inside! (This is just a fraction!)

Launch Kit For Your Online Business

  • What is Passive Income
  • Community
  • What is Resell RIghts
  • Winning Mindset
  • Launch to Profit in 7 days

Automate Your Online Business

  • Sales Automation Process
  • Edit your Automation System
  • Edit your Automat System
  • Test your automated System
  • Tracking and Conversions

Set Up Your Social Media

  • Set up TikTok
  • Set up Instagram
  • Set up YouTube
  • Set up Facebook

How to Post Free Ads on The Internet

  • Free Ads Sites
  • Ads That Convert
  • How to Grow your YouTube with the FREE ads Method

Growing a Following on Social Media

  • How to grow a following!
  • How to turn your followers into customers!

Complete Set Up in Systeme io

  • Step-by-step tutorials to setup your business on using free software

Everything in Launchpad PLUS the following:

How to make 100% Profit From other People's Products

  • Difference of MMR, RR, and PLR
  • The Legality Behind Resell Rights
  • Advantages and Disadvantages

Building a Strong Brand Identity

  • Create A Brand That Stands Out
  • Build An Unforgetable Brand Quickly
  • Master Your Message
  • Discover Your Perfect Customer

Finding Your Ideal Customer

  • Why this matters
  • How to Attract Your Perfect Customer
  • Discovering Your Perfect Customer

Discovery Method - Attract Customers

  • Copy and Paste Free Ads Method
  • TikTok Strategy
  • YouTube Strategy
  • Reels Strategy
  • Stories Strategy
  • Going LIVE
  • Pinterest Strategy

Mastering Storytelling

  • How To Share Your Story
  • How To Get Your Perfect Customers To Engage With You
  • Connecting Emotionally with Your Audience
  • Incorporating Storytelling into Your Content Strategy

Everything in Launchpad, Passive Daily Blueprint, PLUS the following:

6-Figures in 6 Months

  • Income Earning Activities
  • Building an Email List
  • Conversions
  • Setting your Revenue Goals
  • Business Foundations

Build a Recurring Income Stream

  • What is recurring income
  • Top 5 BEST Recurring Incomes
  • How to Build Recurring Income through Email List
  • How to Test the Profitability
  • Set Your Timeline

Affiliate Marketing and Partnerships

  • Introduction to Affiliate marketing
  • Maximizing Affiliate Marketing Success
  • Building Strategic Partnerships
  • Leveraging Partnerships for Growth
  • Setting your Revenue Goals
  • Business Foundation

Email Marketing and List Building

  • Introduction to Email Marketing
  • Building Your Email List
  • Crafting Your Email Marketing Strategy
  • Measuring and Optimizing Your Email Marketing

How to Use ChatGPT to 10x Your Productivity!

Everything in Launchpad, Passive Daily Blueprint, Digital Mastery, PLUS the following:


Creating Your Own Digital Product/Program

  • Choose Type of Digital Product/Program
  • How to Name Your Digital Product/Program
  • How to Structure Digital Product/Program
  • How to Price Your Digital Product/Program

Preparing For Course Creation

  • How to teach inside your course
  • How to outline your course
  • How to create your course lessons
  • How to record your lessons
  • How to modify the lesson template
  • How to edit your lessons
  • How to set up your online course

Launching Your Course/Program

  • How to create an irresistible launch offer
  • How to get people to buy during your launch
  • Launch Plan
  • How to Launch with Webinars

Scaling Your Business

  • When to Hire
  • How to Collect Feedback and Testimonies
  • How to Handle Refunds
  • How to turn Your Members into Affiliate

Launching Your Course/Program

  • What is a PR Freedom Machine
  • Why do you need the PR Freedom Machine
  • Marketing your PR Freedom Machine

Become a DGM Affiliate and Earn Money

How to Create a Community in SKOOL




Want to stand out from the crowd? Convert your customers even higher? Learn about an unlimited free traffic source that isn't taught in the Legacy Builders Program?

If yes to any of these, you'll want to get this Legacy Builder Program Bonus!

Custom LBP Sales Funnel (Value= $197)

Get my entire custom LBP sales funnel that will allow you to setup faster, get higher conversions, and stand out from the crowd of other resellers.

Custom Email Campaigns (Value= $147)

Instead of spending hours if not days crafting emails, use my entire 1-click install campaigns into your account and follow up with your leads like a boss

Fast Start Setup Tutorials (Value= $97)

The goal is to get you ready to resell LBP as fast as possible, so I've created step-by-step click by click videos showing you how to do it.

My SEO Traffic Training (Value= $497)

I share with you my SEO strategies that have allow me to create a piece of content, and have it generate traffic each and everyday resulting in over 500k in sales.

Support From Me (Value= $497)

Unlike most other resellers, I want you to succeed. I'll be available to help you out if you stuck so you can get setup as fast as possible, and start seeing success.

Use My Bonus As Yours (Value= $497)

To put the cherry on top, I'll give you a way to give your purchasers access to this exact training too. That way, your offer now offers a valuable bonus which makes it a no brainer!

TOTAL VALUE = $1,932


And there is more!

You'll Also Get These Additional Bonuses

Bonus #1

Digital Growth Community


  • Q&A to make sure that you get your questions answered
  • Live Weekly Zooms where you can connect with fellow members

Bonus #2

Canva Crash Course

(Value $497)

  • Learn how to create simple but effective content
  • How to edit prebuilt social media content!

Bonus #3

$1 Mil in 17 Months Blueprint


The exact walkthrough and steps that were applied to reach the revenue success I have in 17 months!!!

Bonus #4

30 Day Market Strategy Growth Plan

(Value $297)

  • Insights how to attract customer
  • Complete content creation

Bonus #5

How to Start and Online Business with MRR

(Value $127)

  • Learn cost effective way to start a work from home/anywhere business
  • Learn how to grow your business

Bonus #6

200 Digital Product Ideas

(Value $297)

  • How to find you a business you want to launch
  • How to pick a product to promote

Bonus #7

Mindset, Message, Marketing to your first Million!

(Value $497)

  • How to Master your mindset, message, and marketing to make your first million online.

Bonus #8

Your Invisible Empire

Faceless Marketing

(Value $47)

  • Ebook how to start a faceless account and grow an audience on social media

Legacy Builders Program

Digital Marketing Program with Master Resell Rights

The DGC Product Bundle


Get 4 Income Streams To Generate $100, $300, $600, and $900 USD!

✔️ Unlock Your Potential with All-Inclusive Programs: Dive into our premium selection - LaunchPad, Passive Daily Pay Blueprint, Digital Mastery, & The Legacy Builder Blueprint. Your blueprint to success starts here! (Worth $1900 USD)

✔️ Quadruple Income Streams at Your Fingertips! Immediate access to not one, but FOUR revenue-generating opportunities. Transform your financial landscape NOW!

✔️ Master Your Craft with Valuable Support Materials: From dynamic worksheets to persuasive email scripts and everything in between. We've got your back!

✔️ Real-Time Growth with LIVE Mentoring: Engage in interactive Zoom sessions and gain lifetime access to all the game-changing replays. Mentorship has never been this accessible!

✔️ Sales on Autopilot: Effortlessly convert leads with our pre-built sales page funnels, email templates, and more. Watch your business thrive while you sleep!

✔️ Dominate Social Media: Unleash a full-fledged strategy that catapults your presence and influence across all platforms. It's time to go viral. Includes Faceless Marketing!

✔️ Exclusive Bonuses You Won't Find Anywhere Else: Prepare to be blown away by our unique collection of extras. Designed to skyrocket your success!

✔️ Join the Thriving DGC Community: Be part of an empowering network that uplifts and supports. Together, we achieve more!

✔️ Transparent Investment: Only a $29 website fee post-purchase of your Legacy Builder Program. No hidden costs, just transparent value.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Legacy Builders Program?

The Legacy Builders Program is a digital marketing program hosted by the Digital Growth Community. It hosts 4x courses inside of the program, and also includes access to the Digital Growth Community, and other resources.

Who is this course for?

The Legacy Builders Program has been created for individuals who want to learn digital marketing. They also talk about the training being created for businesses too. It walks you through the very beginning parts of building your digital marketing business, all the way up to scaling with your own digital products. Suitable for all skill levels.

What support do I get?

Once you join the Legacy Builder Program, you'll gain access to the DGC Community. You'll also get support from me so if you ever get stuck, send me a message and I'll help you out!

Do I have to resell the program?

No, you don't have to resell the courses. There is a lot of training inside of the Legacy Builders Program about other ways to monetise also, that include affiliate marketing, and creating your own products. If you already have a course you sell, it also teaches you how to recruit your own affiliates!

Is this the same as other MRR courses?

The Legacy Builders program has been set up in a completely different way to other MRR programs. The only thing in common may be the fact that is has Master Resell Rights and it is about Digital Marketing, however, it is completely different to other MRR courses.

Is this MLM or Network Marketing?

No. There is no multi levels, and there is no one above you in terms of making sales. If you want to be a Legacy Builder reseller, you will take 100% of the profit (minus card & platform fee's etc).

Is there a refund policy?

Yes, there is a refund policy and the policy is there are strictly NO REFUNDS. This is the same with all Master Resell Rights products and a lot of other digital products. If you are unsure if it is right for you, do not purchase.